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Insurance Software Suite

Claim handlers, adjusters, experts, repair shops, assistance companies, research companies and all other ecosystem members can take a role in whole claim processes. It is combining not only claim processes but also insurance related recovery and litigation processes.

It has dynamic rule and workflow manager to customize claim business for adaptation to each insurance company requirements. It can be implemented on all kind of line of businesses like auto, property, engineering, credit, body, health insurance.

Some strong features like dynamic workflow manager, parametric inbound/outbound service integrator, adaptive print template manager, electronic document tracker and more are ready to handle all kind of customer business requirements. SFS Claim Solution can be deployed with whole ww.Winsure solutions or can be activated as a separate solution even as a back end claim service facilities.

  • End to end EBPM driven processes loosely coupled with SFS Claim Back Office
  • Adaptive agenda and contact center screens
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Currency
  • Customized fast FNOL pages per LOB
  • Automatic counterpart assignment (claim handler, expert, repair shop etc.) with Generic Assignment Manager
  • Generic alert and warnings by mail/SMS/social media based on Information Rule Manager
  • Auto required document generation and tracking and delivery
  • Adaptive Print Template Manager
  • Auto dynamic print extraction per business case (like factsheet, cover page, policy print etc.)
  • Sequential and non-sequential task assignment to ecosystem members
  • Rapid claim scrutiny and investigation processes which is self-checking and alerting overtime claims to supervisors
  • Electronic Documents Management System which can be integrated to other professional document portals (NewGen, GDMS etc.)
  • Powerful integrator which is sending and taking information to another systems like spare-part portals, governmental insurance observer systems
  • Payment, recovery and litigation authorizations with DOP (Delegation Of Power)
  • Multi payment and collection facilities like (EFT, cash, cheque etc.)
  • Recovery processes which is automatically triggered by advance or complete payments
  • Recovery Installment Manager and reminders
  • Litigation processes which is customizable to recovery and counter cases
  • Lawyer, case, court tracking portal and reminders
  • Reconciliation facilities with third party insurance companies, experts, investigators, debit agencies etc.
  • Large-variety KPIs like claim frequency report, claim payments interval report, claim handler/expert/repair shop/debit agency etc. performance reports, recovery performance, court performance etc.
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