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SFS E-BPM is the Corporate Workflow Management Platform that provides the communication of insurance companies with all of their business processes (sales, service, head office, etc.) and the elements in their ecosystems in an integrated manner with central systems. It resets the need for electronic mail within the organization and makes the processes traceable and measurable.


  • Increases interaction of employees and service providers with the process
  • Enables monitoring of processes
  • Regular measurement of actual performance results and comparison with targets ensure effective use of process improvement opportunities
  • Enables effective use of time with job assignment and job prioritization
  • Enables all ecosystem elements to be included in the process
  • Increases visibility and agility
  • E-BPM provides notification and reminder services to reduce operating costs

E-BPM Products as whole set have the following features

Specialized Insurance BPM Solution
  • Fully integrated with SFS Insurance Solution Modules
  • Applied business processes in insurance companies
Customization Capabilities
  • Event and rule based architecture
  • Electronic forms & documents - implement forms like Request & Change Form
  • Implement own business rules with Winsure Designer
  • Automatic / Manual Process
  • Serial / Parallel Processes
  • Reminders & Notification
Performance & Control
  • Process Monitor
  • Hierarchical Activity Reports
  • Analysis Reports (e.g. Survey Analysis)
Tasks Follow Up
  • Personal Organizer (electronic agendas, calendars, personalized views)
  • Pool Users
  • Automatic Assignments
  • Cancellation Request of a VIP Customer with a High Value Portfolio
  • Responsible File Manager or Claim Adjuster in Claims
  • Automatic Tasks (after sales calls in 6th month & after sales visit in next year)
  • Tasks Delegation
Human Centric
  • Follow customer contacts & dialogues from all service points
  • Follow contacts for all entities
  • Follow incoming & outgoing documents
Integration Capabilities
  • Integration with External Systems - Consultancy Business - AR/AP Integration (Agresso or Other)
  • Email, SMS, Fax integration throughout business processes


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