With 21 years of knowledge and experience as well as its professional training staff, our company provides relevant training to the Insurance sector Business Unit Departments and Information Technology Departments. Our training sessions take place in SFS headquarters, customer locations, or on the web.


ISO 9001 - 2008 certification standards are applied in the presentation and evaluation studies of training contents.


Scope of Business Unit Department Training: 

  • SFS Policy Management System
  • SFS Claims Management System
  • SFS Reinsurance Management System
  • SFS Collections Management System
  • SFS Accounting Management System
  • SFS Ecosystem Management System
  • SFS Insurance Workflow Management System
  • SFS Administrative Information Systems Reporting Management System

Scope of Information Technologies Department Training: 

  • SFS Script Language (Invariable, Formula and Variable Structures) Training
  • SFS Winsure Designer Processes and Architecture Training
  • SFS Software Systems User Training (Production, Claims, Reinsurance, Collection, Accounting, Administrative Information Systems, Entity) 
  • SFS Software Systems Management Training
  • SFS Software Methodologies Training (Object Based/Web Based Main Software Components)
  • SFS Application Methodologies (Formula Based Definitional Analysis and Design Methods) 
  • SFS E-BPM Processes and Architecture Training


Trainer Profile:

  • Project directors and consultants with over 10 years of involvement in insurance projects, 
  • Professional software development engineers
  • Specialist engineers and consultants actively involved in project management in the field and R&D in the back office 
  • With excellent knowledge of the world of insurance and system 


Training Materials:

  • Presentation
  • Demo

  • Video
  • Application Guide
  • Quick User Guide



  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Participation