Anadolu Sigorta

Reinsurance Project
Attains system solutions worthy of
its long-standing and corporate identity with SFS!

in Liberty Sigorta
Liberty Insurance chooses SFS for
innovative system solutions compatible with its modern structure!

Design your own ultimate
sales products and services
with wwwinsure!
Our Systems are Studied

at Germany's Cologne University
"SFS employs a highly innovative and creative strategy modeling structure.
We use SFS models as examples in our lectures."
Prof. Dr. Otto K. Amon / Cologne University of Applied Sciences

The Leader of Software Systems in the Insurance Sector since 1992


SFS is a technology firm delivering complete operations, network management software systems and key-ready solutions for insurance organizations. These solutions developed with its vast knowledge of the industry and its partnerships with other important technology firms both in Turkey and across the world are now successfully used in various large national and international insurance companies and insurance intermediary organizations. SFS systems are more widely used thanks to the customer satisfaction attained. SFS has increased its institutionalization level in line with its objectives and strategies, built a new management and continues to offer unique competition advantages to its customers with its newly developed innovations through research and development investments.

We made the most accurate investment in technology for our proactive management by working with SFS

Sema Bulutlu
AIG Sigorta

SFS technologies support Sompo Japon Sigorta's consistent and profitable growth targets

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Sompo Japon Sigorta

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