Quality and Process Management

SFS Quality Management System, with its ISO 9001:2008 certification, continues to create and implement business models at internationally valid standards. Our efforts also continue for the CMMI certification standard.

Quality Policy

Our company policy is to provide products and services that will allow our customers to survive the struggle successfully and maintain their success in the tough competition brought on by the world growing smaller and values being ever changing; that are based on customer needs, detect sector developments in advance and thus create effective, reliable, fast, long-term solutions and new horizons with the collective effort and contribution of all SFS employees, and become an unrivaled company that boasts the ability to always be one step ahead of time.


To be such an institution, we need to always utilize the latest technology, always keep in mind that people are the true factor in attaining development and leadership and always consider the "HUMAN" factor as the most valuable capital, and continuously act on improving the knowledge, quality, creativity and productivity of this capital.