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SFS (Strategic Functional Systems), established in Istanbul in 1992, is a software development, consulting and information technology services company that is specialized in providing solutions primarily for the insurance sector. SFS operates through Its headquarters and R&D offices in İstanbul Technical University Technopark.


Leading Supplier

SFS is a leading supplier of cloud-based end-to-end insurance software and collaboration network systems that support the entire insurance policy lifecycle and all insurance ecosystem players. SFS’s solutions deliver the flexibility needed to adapt to and support unique business processes and workflows of all insurance branches.

SFS focuses on developing and delivering strategic software solutions which will maximize the competitiveness of its customers by increasing their efficiency and profitability while decreasing their costs.

SFS offers a broad line of service to its clients that include

  • Non – Life Insurance Management Systems
  • Health Insurance Management Systems
  • Pension Insurance Management Systems
  • Life Insurance Management Systems
  • Credit Insurance Management Systems
  • Takaful (Islamic) Insurance Management Systems
  • Cooperative Insurance Management Systems
  • Bank Insurance Management Systems
  • Insurance Agency Management Systems
  • Insurance Broker Management Systems
  • Insurance Community Networks Management Systems
  • TPA / Aggregator Management Systems
  • Alternative Distribution Channel Management Systems

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